Mylina Group is currently a member of prestigious associations and industries in Vietnam and worldwide. This enables us to stay updated with information, apply new technologies and techniques, share experiences, and collaborate for breakthroughs in our fields.

VOCA – Vietnam Essential Oil-Cosmetic-Aroma Association : As a member of VOCA, Mylina Group has demonstrated the importance of promoting sustainable development in the cosmetic-essential oil industry in Vietnam. Close collaboration with VOCA not only enables Mylina Group to access valuable resources but also contributes to ensuring the quality and safety of its products.

IFRA – International Fragrance Association: IFRA represents the cooperation and integration of the international fragrance industry. Mylina Group’s participation in IFRA highlights the significance of quickly grasping and adhering to international standards while creating favorable conditions to enhance relations and collaborate with international partners.

VIMAMES – Vietnam Materials for Medicines Association: As a member of VIMAMES, Mylina Group showcases our commitment to research and development in the field of medicinal plants applied to essential oils in Vietnam. This collaboration not only promotes diversification in the medicinal plant industry but also opens new opportunities for the growth of Mylina Group.

VINATEST – Association of Testing Laboratories of Ho Chi Minh City: By participating in VINATEST, Mylina Group aims to optimize testing processes and ensure product quality through close cooperation with laboratories in Ho Chi Minh City. This significantly contributes to ensuring the feasibility and safety of essential oil and fragrance products.

IFEAT – International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades: IFEAT brings together reputable names in the global essential oils and aroma industry. Mylina Group’s involvement in IFEAT not only demonstrates its commitment to building global relationships but also provides early access to information and resources, as well as learning from advanced technologies and new trends from leading experts and partners within the international industry.

has demonstrated its commitment and positive contribution to community development and social value enhancement by making a strong mark as a reliable member in many reputable associations both domestically and internationally. This showcases our crucial role in promoting sustainable development and global cooperation